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Royal International Air Tattoo Event Catering

Amidst one of the wettest and windiest weekends of the year, fate decided to unleash its fury during one of Europe's largest airshows.

Set against the backdrop of RAF Fairford in Gloucestershire, The Royal International Air Tattoo promised excitement and spectacle despite the challenging weather conditions, an event where we would be providing event catering.

However, on the day of setup, relentless rain greeted us—a less-than-ideal start to our endeavour. Seriously, ridiculous rain.

Undeterred, we brought our Pizza Bus to the event, determined to serve up generous slices of comfort to festival-goers braving the elements.

Fortunately, despite the adverse weather, the show went on.

While some aerial performances were grounded, the event remained well-attended, showcasing an impressive array of aircraft and captivating flying displays that left attendees in awe.

U2 Spy Plane Guarded by Military Police
U2 Spy Plane Guarded by Military Police

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