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Little Bus Update - New Catering Unit

It feels like just yesterday when we welcomed our smaller bus into the fold, and now the time has come to give it a makeover fit for serving up delicious delights!

The first order of business? Cutting out a sizable hole on the side of the bus to make way for a serving hatch—a crucial addition for seamless food service.

Next up, a full respray was in order to restore the bus to its gleaming yellow glory, ensuring it catches the eye wherever it goes.

For those curious about the specs, our bus is a 1996 GMC Vandura powered by a robust 5.7 V8 petrol engine—an impressive powerhouse ready to take on the roads and serve up mouthwatering treats.

Stay tuned as we embark on this exciting journey of transformation, turning our smaller bus into a food powerhouse ready to delight taste buds wherever it roams and whatever the catering occasion


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