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Lights Out & Away We Go - F1 Event Catering

Ah, the British Formula 1 at Silverstone—one of my absolute favourite events of the year for us to do event catering at. Yet, as always, the roar of the Dutch National Anthem echoed through the air, reminding us of the dominance of certain drivers.

The event kicked off with a mix of excitement and frustration as we encountered a hiccup: the Burger Bus refused to start at Bedford.

After shelling out £800 and towing the bus to Silverstone, we were finally ready to roll. This year, we stationed ourselves at Beckets with both our Burger Unit and Pizza Unit, ready to feed the hungry crowds.

With the surge in popularity of Drive to Survive, this year saw record-breaking attendance at the Formula 1.

Amidst the buzz, I had a surreal moment as I spotted Lando Norris driving to the Paddock past just a few feet away—a thrilling experience for any racing fan.

One of the perks of working these events is that we get to soak in the excitement ourselves. So, naturally, we took some time to enjoy the race.

Throughout the three action-packed days, we dished out massive NYC slices of Pizza, alongside Burgers & Fries, satisfying the appetites of countless race-goers.

It was a whirlwind experience, filled with highs, lows, and plenty of delicious food.

CMG Recovery Truck to Aid Bus Moving
Paying a fortune to get the bus towed


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