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2023 has Kicked off - Download Festival Event Catering

Updated: Mar 21

Our inaugural highlight event of 2023 kicked off at Download Festival, and what an incredible experience it turned out to be! Securing a spot in the VIP camping area elevated the camping experience with access to upgraded amenities like improved toilets and showers—an absolute luxury for any festival-goer. An absolutely amazing festival to be doing event catering at!

The scorching weather added to the excitement, and for the first time, we experimented with keeping our unit open nearly round-the-clock! Yes, you read that right—from serving breakfast at 6 am straight through to the wee hours of the morning, sometimes until 4 am!

The overwhelming turnout caught us by surprise, and by just the second day out of six, we had completely depleted our stock—a testament to the festival's immense popularity.

Amidst the bustling crowds, our team managed to steal moments to catch performances by some of their favourite bands, including Evanescence, Metallica (not once, but twice!), and Slipknot—offering a diverse musical palette for everyone to enjoy.

What an absolutely unforgettable event, made even more special by its proximity to home, located just a few junctions away on the M1 at Donnington Park.

Pizza being served at Download Festival
Late Night Slices for Revellers


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