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Mile High Catering At Oxford Airport

Recently, I received a call from an old friend who had exciting news to share—his company, Up & Away Aviation, had been acquired by a major American corporation.

Eager to mark this milestone with their dedicated staff, they reached out to us with a tempting offer: would we be interested in serving up some delicious pizza slices at their celebration?

Without hesitation, we jumped at the opportunity! Armed with our signature huge pizzas, we ensured that every slice was bursting with flavour, offering a variety of toppings to cater to every palate. That we did!

As the catering unfolded, our pizza slices became the star of the show, delighting the Up & Away Aviation team and even earning rave reviews from their US colleagues who were in attendance.

It was an honour to be part of such a joyous occasion, and we extend our heartfelt thanks to Up & Away Aviation for inviting us to share in their celebration.

Up & Away Truck with Bus Reflection
Up & Away Truck with Bus Reflection


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