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Bedford Park Concerts Event Catering

This event was nice and close to home being in Bedford, offering six nights filled with sensational music!

A stellar lineup featuring renowned artists like The Jacksons, Sting, Scooter, George Ezra, Judge Jules, Roger Sanchez, and many others graced the stage.

With both our units in attendance, we served up delicious Pizza Slices, Burgers, and Fries to a crowd of up to 15,000 hungry music lovers with our event catering units.

It provided us with valuable insights, given the shorter serving window compared to our usual events. Lessons learned included the necessity of additional equipment like another fryer to meet the high demand.

However, it wasn't without its challenges.

Unfortunately, during one of the nights, a member of our team faced a distressing incident where they were spat at by an unruly attendee.

The individual was promptly removed from the premises by security before they even had a chance to firstly get their food, but also before they had even heard any music.

Despite this isolated incident, the event was thoroughly enjoyable for all involved.

Slice of Garlic Bread
Slice of Garlic Bread


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