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American Speedfest '23 Brands Hatch catering

Updated: Mar 21

We received a special invitation to showcase one of our American School buses at Brands Hatch for American Speed Fest—an opportunity that felt tailor-made for our vehicle. We took our Burger bus and used this for some event catering.

Surprisingly, amidst a sea of similar buses, ours seamlessly blended in and felt like it belonged, epitomising the true spirit of the event.

Interestingly, a friend of mine also brought their own school bus to display—a testament to the existence of a vibrant UK American School Bus community (yes, there actually is one!)

The event was abuzz with thrilling live action on the track, featuring a spectacular array of American Cars. It was truly a sight to behold, with more American cars gathered in one place than I had ever witnessed outside of the US.

People queuing for food at a food truck
Main Arena at Speed Fest 2023


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