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Where It All Began

In 2020, I toyed with the idea of transforming an American School Bus—an idea that was put on hold due to unforeseen circumstances.

Jump to 2021, and I finally made the purchase—a 40-foot (12m) long school bus from the Webster School District in upstate New York.

"How did you manage to transport it?" is a question I often hear. Being too large for a container, it had to be shipped (ironically, the shipping cost exceeded that of the bus itself!) and after approximately 25 days at sea, it arrived at Southampton Docks.

Several months later, after overcoming the bureaucratic hurdles with the DVLA for registration, the bus was successfully converted and ready for its intended purpose—the birth of the Pizza Bus.

Why pizza, you ask? Well, having previously owned a pizza restaurant, it felt like a natural progression, more so as I had a load of unused kit sat in my garage!

Fast forward to 2022, an opportunity arose for a second bus. This time, I decided to focus on serving burgers. With some meticulous planning, we managed to have it converted just in time to debut alongside the Pizza Bus at the British F1 event.

Following a bustling year in 2023, I acquired a shorter bus, which thankfully can be driven with a regular car license and fits into tighter spaces—a practical addition to the fleet.

American School Bus
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